Saintleo was founded by Leon Mckay in Auckland, New Zealand in 2017.
After studying metal engineering and furniture making in Melbourne, Australia. Saintleo was first established as a workshop for architectural commissions and projects in Auckland, New Zealand from a desire to showcase details and craftsmanship in metal working.

Drawing inspiration from years of collaborative experiences and more recently combining it with a personal vision. Saintleo now branches into a platform of its own combining design, art and functional objects. Releasing limited pieces along with global collaborations.


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Studio Foam Record Unit

The studio foam record unit was designed to be placed at home as a personal 'music' unit to accommodate a record player and house vinyl's. Inspired by recording studios the aluminium is covered with acoustic pyramid foam, available custom for a flush mounted Technics 1200 MK2 or standard flat top a more multi purpose use.

Materials: Aluminium, Acoustic Foam.

Colours: Foam - Black, Aluminium - Natural, Brushed + Sealed Finish.

Dimensions: H 900mm, L 1200mm, W 410mm

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks.

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