Founded by Leon Mckay
Saintleo is a design studio and workshop primarily focusing on furniture and spaces in the core elements of Aluminium and Inox Stainless Steel.

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Louis Vuitton

1.8m stainless steel sculpture installation for Louis Vuitton, mirror polished finish.

Mesh Record Unit

Stainless steel mesh with brushed finish internal compartments, this unit was designed specifically to accommodate DJ equipment, record players and shortlisted vinyl's. With no drawings or plans, the design was iterated as the piece was being made in what felt right at the time, with the main inspiration set around transparency and brutalist form.

Black Box Boutique 2022

Stainless steel modular racks designed and made for Black Box Herne Bay. The system pivots on bullet hinges can be pivoted, added and removed for shop fit out iterations and events.


Inspired by classic steel joinery, the design goal was to achieve the same elegance but with a more hyper-modern look. Filled in with 316 mesh, the air flow is not obstructed into the office, while at the same time all materials are safe from any aging or corrosions.

St Marys Bay